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All ads must comply with colibrip.com rules
Don't submit the same ad again
Do not include phone number, email or website address in the title or description
Do not offer prohibited goods and services
The colibrip.com website is an online ad platform. Users independently post ads, indicate in them information about goods, services, works and offers (hereinafter referred to as "Products") and are responsible for the fact that the Products offered by them comply with the requirements of the colibrip.com Website and applicable US law.

Ad placement rules

Posting ads on the colibrip.com website is governed by the User Agreement.

Violation of the rules, as well as the receipt of numerous user complaints about ads can lead to the blocking of both ads and the accounts of their owners.

Please note that all ads must comply with the rules, regardless of whether additional services (Premium, VIP, etc.) are applied to them or not. Paid ads can also be blocked when violations are detected.

General rules

Do not submit the same ad (offering the same product) repeatedly, including in different cities and categories.
Re-submission of an advertisement is also considered the removal of the advertisement from publication and / or its removal, including before the expiration date (from 30 to 60 days), and then the posting of a new advertisement for the same product.
If you sold a product or your offer is no longer relevant, then be sure to remove the ad from publication immediately after the transaction.
It is not allowed to replace a product (vacancy, resume, service, real estate object) in an ad for any other, in a different or similar category, with the same or similar characteristics, another brand, etc., even if the originally designated product was sold. If you need to offer another, even similar product (vacancy, resume, service, property), post a new ad.
It is forbidden to use more than one account.
Do not offer prohibited goods and services.
Only post ads about existing offers.
It is forbidden to place ads in a category on the site that does not correspond to the type of product, its description, characteristics, purpose, name in the ad title and / or other information that may mislead site visitors. Please provide valid ad parameters. All information in the ad must be true.
It is unacceptable to post ads about dubious ways to generate income, including on the Internet. For example, "Transfer $ 10 and earn much more."
The presence of erotic, pornographic, obscene, extremist or other content that does not comply with colibrip.com's policy is unacceptable in an ad (title, text, photos, video preview) or username.
Unauthorized / unreasonable use of logos and trademarks of well-known brands in the ad or in the username is prohibited. Do not include logos or names of companies or organizations.

Contact person details

The name indicated in the ad must correspond to reality.
The "Name" field should not contain any contact information, including but not limited to website, phone, mail addresses.
Do not include a phone number, email address, or other third party contact information.
Describe exactly the product or service that is mentioned in the title of the ad and which is shown in the photos.
The presence of contact information of any kind in the description of the ad (including links, phone numbers, mail, but not limited to them) is unacceptable, except in cases where the indication of contact information is mandatory by law.

Photo in ad

The photo must match the title and description of the ad.
Without the appropriate consent of the copyright holder, it is prohibited to use photographs on which, in order to protect exclusive rights, any watermarks (watermarks, watermarks) are applied.

The price must be an integer and quoted in US dollars.
Indicate only the price at which you offer the product or service.
If the price of the offer has been reduced for any reason (poor condition, defects, goods damaged or broken), indicate this in the description of the ad.
Do not write the price in the ad title - there is a separate field for this.

The colibrip.com marketplace reserves the right to amend and update existing rules.

The colibrip.com marketplace makes no guarantees of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use;
The colibrip.com marketplace assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information;

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